Q. What did you learn?
“That I can talk positively about myself”,
“That I am strong, people do care and I can make people laugh, and how to share my problems”,
“To value myself and to strive to achieve my goals.”, “To open up to people and to express my feelings.”
Q. What skills or strategies did you learn?
“how to put together a study timetable”,
“how to be more confident”,
“This program showed me what education beyond school is like and the path I can take to plan my future career.”,
“I am preparing my assignments better and not leaving things to the last minute”,
“I enjoyed learning to cook healthy recipes to use out of school”
Q. What did you enjoy most?
“listening to my peers”,
”it was a comforting and welcoming environment which I looked forward to”,
“the safeness you feel in the group”,
“The session that benefitted me most was when we wrote letters to ourselves. It gave me a new way to deal with hard times.”