We are excited to announce that one of our major charities this year is Central Coast Local Health District

Wyong Gosford2


Last year over 128,000 people presented to Gosford and Wyong Emergency Departments (EDs). With our growing and ageing population, demand on our EDs is expected to continue to grow.

People come to the EDs for a variety of health concerns from sprains and breaks to life threatening trauma such as chest pain, burns, blood loss or major accidents.

A patient may undergo several diagnostic tests while in the ED and ensuring we have state- of–the-art equipment to assist our clinicians is integral in caring for our community.

From equipment to monitor blood pressure, temperature and oxygen levels in the blood to ECG machines that show the electrical activity of the heart or scopes that allow doctors to see inside a patient’s airways and help them to breathe, our EDs are usually the first point of contact for patients.

The support of local businesses, community groups and clubs enables Central Coast Local Health District to continue to provide the best care and treatment possible for our patients……..and all donations received remain on the coast to benefit the local community.